Conversation Between Mahama & Nana Addo

Nana calls Mahama On Monday morning (April 1st) and this is what ensued:- Nana: Your Excellency, good morning and Happy Easter. I have been a bit busy. I just realized I have not been able to call you during the festivities, how are you doing? Mahama: Iam good but this is a surprise. Nana: Why, haven�t I been calling you? Mahama: that is not what I mean, I can�t believe you addressed me with Your Excellency - have you forgotten you are challenging my credibility as a President? Nana: it�s true but I know why I addressed you so. I have had several reflections and consultation and so have decided to withdraw what is between us at the Supreme Court. I called to congratulate you before I head to court to withdraw my case tomorrow. Mahama: hahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaahhhhhhhhhaa, oh what good news, I am the happiest person on earth right now, oh thank you, thank you so so very much, hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa, I am now a proper president, thank you old boy, thank you Nana: Your Excellency, Mahama: Yeeeeeees any other thing? Nana: Today is April 1st Mahama: Oh its April Fools day! Ah! Your M�..