Prez Mahama Should Be Quiet About The Energy Crises; His Credibility Is Waning

The Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party for the Greater Accra Region, Michael Ampong has stated that President Mahama should not have promised Ghanaians again with regards to the energy crises in the country, because his promises that the crises will be resolved in a few months have failed to stand. According to him, the President should have held back on the energy crises when he addressed the nation, adding that he should allow the institutions which are responsible for the power supply to tell Ghanaians when in their estimation there will be constant supply of electricity in the country. He said the situation became worse when the President promised during the 2012 election period that the power outage was going to be over at a stipulated date. He stressed that the institutions comprising; VRA, GRIDco and ECG have their own problems concerning the energy sector as the authorities have different dates as to when the energy crises will be over. He further said that President Mahama should not allow the pressures of the country to force him to say things he is not well informed on “April ending is just around the corner and if this promise fails again, the more his credibility goes down,” he reiterated. He said that the President should stop doing politics with the situation; adding that the Presidency has become a talking government, saying that the elections are over and the moment of propaganda and the promises should be changed to practicality.