Govt. Should Call on Cuban Doctors To Replace Striking Ghanaian Doctors - Anita De Soso

The National Women’s Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita De Soso has called on government to replace the striking doctors with Cuban doctors in order to avert unnecessary deaths. “Something of this sort happened in Venezuela and Cuban doctors were called in to take up positions the Venezuelan doctors left behind. The Cuban doctors are already in town but the government would have to ask for more to augment their numbers,” she told Adom FM. The vociferous women’s leader of the NDC made this suggestion after the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) indicated it would activate the second stage of their strike if their grievances are not addressed by close of day, Monday April 22. According to the General Secretary of the Association, Dr. Frank Serebour, if doctors did not get a solution to their issues, they will activate the second phase of their strike; suspend services to emergencies. “Come Monday, if the issues have not been resolved, we will withdraw emergency services. By Monday, close of day 12 midnight, we will activate the second stage of our action,” he said. However, Anita De Soso believes as a matter of urgency, request must be placed for the Cuban doctors to come because it has been two weeks since the members of the Ghana Medical Association embarked on a sit-down-strike and the government therefore “cannot sit down for people to die”. She further called for an investigation to ascertain the number of people who have lost their lives over the few days in which the doctors have laid down their tools.