NDC MP: I Was Not Satisfied With Quarshie-Idunís Presentation

A Member of Parliament for Takyiman South Constituency on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Hon. Agyei Mensah has expressed dissatisfaction with the presentation of the counsel for the second respondent, James Quarshie-Idun. He justified that James Quarshie-Idun was not sharp with his antics during his cross-examination as compared to Tony Lithur who is young and could move faster with his presentation and asked more intriguing questions. Speaking on Okay FM, he said that it is normal with some people to sweat even in an air condition notwithstanding the age; adding that those in the court room can attest to the fact that the room is warm and so it is normal to sweat. He however said that the fact that the counsel for the second respondent, the Electoral Commission, James Quarshie-Idun has been sweating is not a guarantee to conclude that the lawyer was finding the case difficult to handle during his cross-examination of the chief witness. He again said that technically the lawyer was on point with his submission when the rules of the electoral process are taken into consideration; specifying that the man was tired just as Dr. Bawumia was asked to sit down when he felt tired of standing during the cross-examination. He reminded again that lawyer Quarshie-Idun is around 70 years and it is normal for someone of his age to experience tiredness, saying that the counsel has done well since from the beginning of his cross-examination he stood from 10 am to almost the closing phase of the court proceeding. He was with the opinion that it was not for some people who do not have the technical eyes to ascertain whether the lawyer performed well on the electoral process in his cross-examination or not, recounting that the court is still sitting on the 2012 election results litigation before the Supreme Court and that it is too early to conclude on James Quarshie-Idunís performance.