Otabli’s Prophesy Of Doom Meant To Incite Fear & Panic – Pratt

The prophesy by Pastor Mensah Otabil that he “sense evil befalling Ghana in a month” has been described as a deliberate attempt to incite fear and panic in the country prior to the Supreme Court verdict on the 2012 presidential election petition. In an interview on Radio Gold’s current affairs programme, Alhaji and Alhaji with Alhassan Suhuyini Saturday, the Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Junior, lamented that some prophets have adopted the method of inciting fear in the country to extort money from their victims. “The more people panic, the more people fear, the more people are uncertain about the future…the more they will flee to some congregations; and you don’t come back just like that-you have to pay your tithe and put something in the collection bowl…some people are profiting from inciting fear and anxiety”. Mr. Pratt indicated. He said “all manner of people are pouring out on a daily basis with prophesies and predictions and feelings. We are now being told that some of them don’t have prophesies…they are only feelings…they feel heavy clouds on their heads”. According to Mr. Pratt, it is important to note that people have these prophesies on different grounds. “When you have high fever you can see a lot of things. They can see the heavens falling on their head…they can see holes under their feet…the only way they can cure their ailment is to see a doctor. They can help themselves by seeking knowledge. They should learn by reading a little”, he proposed. He also refuted speculations in a section of the media that he is not religious because he disagrees with Pastor Mensa Otabil’s prophesy, noting that it is unclear for one to know who a true prophet of God is in terms of prophesies. “Unfortunately, I am not like Pastor Mensa Otabil who runs away from his words. When I say something I stand by it…I have never run away from my words”. He explained.