NDC Not Commited To Peace Resolution

The national Democratic Congress (NDC) was never committed to the peace councils summit held last Friday and does not intend to abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court should it go against them. The commitment level of the government was evident when the NDC sent a low level team of three people led by Anita De soso, the irate women organizer of the NDC who is well known for her inflammatory comments. However, it is the comments of some ministers and communicators of the NDC including Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa , Kwesi Pratt and Bernard Mornah that are most worrisome. Mr. Ablakwa’s assertion that the whole process of the summit was a waste of everyone’s time, a point he made on an NDC radio station should not be taken for granted. It is our believe the NDC does not intend to obey the ruling should it go against them and have started preparing the grounds for refusing to accept the results through their emissaries. The Peace council needs to take note and call Mr. Ablakwa to order as such speech is not healthy. Secondly and most dangerous of all is the unwarranted attack on Pastor Mensah Otabil by Mr. Kwesi Pratt who as a senior journalist and spokesperson for the government should know better. For Mr. Pratt to attack and insult the personality of pastor Otabil in an unprovoked tirade that questions the mental status of the pastor is quite unbecoming of him. Mr. Pratt is in the habit of running people down in the name of free speech and yet thinks others are not entitled to do same to his person or members of the government he belongs. His insults have a potential of causing chaos as they do not only hurt the pastor and his followers but all Ghanaians who think praying to God to avert war after the verdict is a good thing. All speakers at the summit including former Presidents Rawlings and Kufour, Arch Bishop Palmer Buckle and the rest called for prayers for both the country and the Judges to give a ruling that will avert war. Are all these people hallucinating or suffering from high fever? The peace council needs to stump its authority now by identifying individuals and groups that make comments that have the potential to spill into war or cause people to retaliate. Mr. Bernard Mornah, who has consistently run down the Judges and their ability to make a definite pronouncement as to who won or did not win the 2012 elections, took his ranting and ravings to another level immediately after the summit which he attended. Somehow Mr. Mornah seems to have acquired some legal perfection after his Supreme Court case which has since led him to make legal determinations on matters pending before the Supreme Court. These unhealthy comments do solicit reactions and we hope the Supreme Court and peace council will take note of the root causes and not the reactions to the causes. It is the stand of the Young Patriots that Mr. Ablakwa, Kewsi Pratt and Bernard Mornah should unreservedly apologize to all Ghanaians and the peace council and in the case of Mr. Pratt to Pastor Otabil for insulting his and our intelligence and the goal we all want to achieve which is Justice, Peace and Reformation. Failure to do so, we edge the Ghana Journalist Association and all media houses to blacklist these individuals whilst stopping other hotheads from their media houses and media platforms. The peace council should also be bold and call such individuals to order to ensure that they are able to stem the tide of insulting politics and commentary that have the capacity to derail the peace of this country. We the Young Patriots promise and declare to behave ourselves, however should these individuals continue in their quest to bring this country down, we have no option than to defend this country the best way we know how and this may include going back on our words. SIGNED Richard Nyamah Hopeson Adorye Fred Amankwah Sarfo John Kumah