NDC Is Comfortable Commemorating Mills’ Death; But Can’t Tell Ghanaians How He Died?

Policy Analyst for the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed has accused the Planning Committee set up by President John Dramani Mahama to organize the one year anniversary of the late President John Evans Atta Mills of turning the commemoration into an “NDC affair” devoid of any nationalistic color. Though a section of the Committee has come out to refute claims that the anniversary is being financed by the State, the PNC Policy Analyst however still holds the view that the Committee is using State money and as a result called on the members to render an account to the nation. Expressing disappointment in the committee, he emphatically declared that the anniversary is nothing less than a party affair which tells the corruptible nature of the ruling party. “I don’t see anything national about this celebration….It is an NDC celebration; but at the end of the day, they are spending in our name,” he said. He explained on Oman FM’s “National Agenda” on Tuesday that the composition of the planning committee did not involve other party representatives, which downplays the spirit of nationalism which, to him, should have been the bedrock of the anniversary. He also found it as “an indictment on the NDC and this government that they are celebrating his one-year because you did not tell Ghanaians what actually led to his death, yet you are comfortable to come and commemorate his death.” The NDC, he added, has “no faith in fighting corruption. In fact, they survive on corruption. So, they lack the moral high ground to fight corruption…They detest transparency and wherever there is no transparency; that is where corruption survives.” “In the interest of transparency, name those private sources…How are sure that it is not from the State coffers?” Atik queried.