Point Of Correction! My Case Was Not Thrown Out By The Court – ‘International Lawyer’ Amekudzi

The man who will never miss introducing himself as an international lawyer, Tony Benoni Amekudzi, has raised a point of correction over the case he presented before the Supreme Court in the election petition as an ‘amicus curiae’. According to him, contrary to general perception that the case was thrown out, it was rather asked to pend because the Court claimed he did not follow the legal procedures. On May 3, 2013, Mr Amekudzi, who has come to be popularly known as 'Amicus Curiae', filed an application asking the Court to suspend hearing on the petition as it is wrong to sue a sitting president, according to the country's constitution. Though the Court dismissed his application after a consensus from the petitioners and all three respondents, 'Amicus Curiae' appeared on May 23, 2013 seeking review. He argued that the Court was “twisting the arm of justice” and that “creates a very dangerous impression”. "I want this court to do the proper thing," he stressed. But his case was summarily dismissed by the President of the nine-judge panel, Justice William Atuguba. However, speaking on TV3’s 7GMT on Monday, July 29, 2013, the US-based lawyer said: “The issues I brought before the Court [were] not frivolous.” “There are certain legal provisions that the Court did not take legal notice of,” he added. He cautioned that he did not go to the court to gain fame. “I went there to protect the president of Ghana and to defend the Constitution of Ghana,” he pointed out. “I never took offence” he said of the judges' directive to him to add an affidavit, advising all Ghanaians to do same as the verdict is being prepared to be delivered. “I have every faith, every trust and every confidence in the courts. [The nine justice] are there to perform their constitutional duty.” He appealed to all and sundry to make Ghana’s sobriquet as the “Black Star of Africa” count after the verdict by accepting whatever decision the Supreme Court comes out with.