My Dad Was Not Poisoned – Mills’ Son

The only child left behind by late President John Evans Atta Mills, has vehemently denied ever granting an interview to the media that his late father, who he describes as his biggest inspiration, was poisoned. Granting his first interview after the sudden demise of his late father, Samuel Kofi Atta Mills, expressed utter surprise at the allegation saying, “this is alien to me; this is the first time am hearing this”. Young Atta Mills set the record straight when he granted an in-studio exclusive interview to Radio Gold on the station’s newspaper review show hosted by Obuobia Darko Opoku last Friday. Speaking on a barrage of issues concerning his education, relationship and his last days with his father, life after his death, relationship with his successor and many others, Kofi Sam said, as he is affectionately called, made the clarification when a listener sent in a message asking if he ever granted such interview. It will be recalled that immediately after the demise of President Mills last year, there were several reports about what some thought was the cause of his death even before his autopsy was conducted. In many of these unsubstantiated speculations, there was one story that went round quoting the young man as being the source of the information. The story which was published by both local and international media houses, was later found to have been published by a faceless Abdul Aziz Anchor, purported to be a senior West African reporter for the Reuters News Agency. However, after some weeks, Reuters came out to denial knowledge of Mr. Anchor disputing the story flatly. Nothing was, however, heard from the late Ghanaian leader’s son until last week. Touching on many issues, Kofi Sam recounted his days with his father, saying his father was his best friend whom he took the biggest inspirations from. “He was for me my biggest inspiration. I’ve met a lot of inspirational people. You know some people have mentors and that kind of stuff but for me, my dad was my biggest inspiration”, he said. Sammy who did most of his education in the UK and majored in Construction Management told, listeners that his father was his best friend especially anytime he came down from his base. “My dad was my best friend especially when I was here”, he recalled. Just like his father who initially did not have any political ambition but taught for so many years at the University of Ghana (UG), before finally being appointed by President Jerry Rawlings as Vice-President, Kofi Sam said, he does not have political ambition at the moment as he wants to concentrate on his education. He, however, noted that in future if God says He want him to switch to politics he may give it a second thought. “Well for me at the moment no, I don’t, a lot of people associate me with politics because of my father, but for now I think, I mean we are both different people, yes he’s my dad but I think in the future and God reveals to me and says this is what I want you to do then. “I mean you don’t really have much to do about it, but at the moment I just want to focus on my career path and just further my education to the best I can get to and just you know see what God has in store for me“