Election Petition: Parties To File Addresses Tomorrow

Respondents in the Election Petition case say they would ask the court for an opportunity to give a verbal summary of the address they are expected to file on Tuesday. The Supreme Court directed all parties to file their written address on the 30th of July, 2013 but did not state whether there will be an opportunity to verbally address the judges. But a member of the respondents’ legal team, Abraham Amaliba in an interview with Citi News said the respondents will pray the court to allow them summarize what is in the written address. “We are looking forward to the court allowing us to give oral submission; a summary of the written submission.’’ Mr. Amaliba also gave an insight into what the respondents’ address would contain. ‘’We will seek to tell the court that the petitioners have not been able to adduce evidence that shows that there was pardon and reduction of votes, we will also want to tell the Supreme Court that the petitioners hanging on to pink sheets without signatures of presiding members is not enough to call for the vote of legitimate voters to be annulled and that the punishment for the wrongs of a presiding office should not be visited on the innocent voter.’’ According to Mr. Amaliba the respondents’ argument will enhance the voters’ right to vote. On their part a member of the legal team of the petitioners’ Frank Davis stated that the team has done its best to prove its case to the Supreme Court. The petitioners are seeking to annul over 4 million presidential votes in the 2012 elections.