The Northern Regional Minister, Mr. Bede Zeideng, has warned our honorable traditional leaders to move away from fueling agitations which is purely focused on opposing appointees selected by government to act as District Chief Executives.

Mr. Bede Zeideng made this plea at the 2nd Ordinary Meeting of the Northern Regional House of Chiefs in Tamale. Inasmuch as chiefs reserved the power to make an input when it comes to appointing leaders in a community, the Northern Regional Minister noted that it would be unmeritorious to challenge government after it has selected a person as a DCE.

In an interview with Okay FM, he stated that such brawls exposed respected chiefs to public ridicule and mistrust. He advised that though a chief lobby for a preferred candidate when it comes to such nominations, they should limit their actions and avoid being carried away by the politics attached to it.

He advised that after a candidate has been nominated, it would be prudent for the chiefs to bridge the gap and foster unity in their respective community.