I Did Not Resign...My Post Simply Lapsed - Nana Akomea

A post on his facebook wall indicating the fact that his tenure as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Director of Communications for the 2012 election campaign has officially come to an end, ignited arguments and confusion among a cross section of party supporters and the general public. Many misconstrued Nana Akomea’s post as a resignation from the position, whiles others thought he had left the party entirely. The former NPP Campaign Director has come out to explain that, he did not resign neither from his position nor the party but his position had simply lapsed. “…Anytime there was a campaign, a Director of Communications is appointed for the purposes of the campaign. In 2008, we had Arthur Kennedy, as the Campaign Communications Director. After the campaign that position lapsed and then reverted back to the party’s communications team, which was headed by Kweku Kwarteng. “So, for the purposes of the last campaign, I was appointed as the Director for the Communications team for the campaign and once the campaign finishes, that position of Director of Communications lapses and the party would then have to take over,” Nana Akomea elucidated on Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’ programme. This comes on the back of a clarification he had made on his Facebook page, realizing the fact that his earlier post had been taken in the wrong way. However, going by Nana Akomea’s explanation, he is no longer the Communications Director of the Party but has not resigned from the NPP as being rumored. He has since thanked the party hierarchy for the support and encouragement given him in the discharge of his duties to the New Patriotic Party.