Kufuor - I Never Threw Kennedy Agyapong Out Of My House

The Office of former President John Agyekum Kufuor has rejected as absolute falsehood and malicious, remarks made by Mr Kennedy Adjepong, Member of Parliament for Assin North, against the former President. The allegation was that the former President walked him out of his house because he (Adjapong) failed to support the presidential bid of Mr Alan Kyremateng, former Minister of Trade and Industries; and that the former President relieved Dr Kofi Addah, former Minister of Energy from his post for the same reason. A statement issued and signed in New York by Mr Frank Agyekum, Special Aide to former President Kufuor and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Wednesday said “it is emphatic that no such discussion took place between him and Mr Adjepong and therefore the said incident could not have happened. “Mr Adjapong’s assertion can just not be true,” it said. It said with regards to Dr Addah, former President Kufuor says the reasons for which he lost his post are well known to him (Mr Addah) and had nothing to do with his support for Mr Kyeremateng or any other candidate adding that Dr Addah must state his position. The statement appealed to members of the New Patriotic Party to refrain from making reckless statements that have no foundation in truth and would only serve to tear members apart. “Members must do things that will help consolidate the party’s front and woo outsiders into its fold instead of doing things that create disunity and confusion. “If we are able to do this now, we stand in a good position to win the future. “Members must at all times be minded of the core values of the party that has been its distinctive feature and helped to sustain it for the past 60 years even as we strengthen our structures to wrest power in 2016 and not do things that will dissipate our energies,” it said.