Major Decisions That Affected Humanity Positively Were Propelled By A Simple Speech

“When Martin Luther King made that famous “I Have A Dream” speech, it was just speech. He did not necessarily take up arms but that speech shook the whole of America. That speech was a turning point in the history of America. When Mahatma Gandhi spoke about non-violent means of registering protest and resistance, he did not take up arms but that speech shook the world. When Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, on the eve of independence declared that the independence of Ghana was meaningless unless it was linked to the total liberation of Africa, it served as an awakening point”. Those were the opening statements of the Deputy Minister of Energy, Hon. John Jinapor in a rebuttal to criticisms of President John Dramani Mahama’s speech at the 68th UN General Assembly. According to a section of the general public, the President Mahama did not only exhibit his oratory abilities on a world stage but also put Ghana in the limelight by painting a wonderful picture of the nation to the outside world. President Mahama took the advantage to call for partnership between developed and developing nations. He told world leaders that Africa does not need sympathy but partnership to accelerate its development. “It is not sympathy we want; its partnership, the ability to stand on our own two feet. It is not handouts we are in search of: its opportunities. We have already shown that with time and the right opportunity, Africa can make it”, President Mahama said. However, some say despite the fact that the President spoke well and received rapturous applause for championing the cause of Africa, all what he said will not come into fruition because it would not be backed by action. But, Hon. Jinapor is of the view that most of the major decisions that have affected humanity positively were kick started by a simple speech. “…I also share in the opinion that, yes, it may be very good. It may be fantastic in terms of the stage but what next? The truth is that, speeches alone do not lead to results. When all these great leaders spoke, they backed their speeches with action and that is what we expect to do,” he explained. Speaking on Metro TV’s ‘GoodMorning Ghana’ show, Hon. John Jinapor reiterated the fact that Africa is no longer known for “pestilence, wars and all the hostilities” and this point must be made clear as and when the opportunity arises. He was however happy that the President’s speech touched on all the “salient” points.