President Mahama Is Gradually Killing Ghanaians With Taxes And Tariffs Increment

A member of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has bemoaned the recent tariff increment on water and electricity as announced by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), saying the bad policies of the Mahama-led NDC administration is gradually snuffing away the lives of Ghanaians. Richard Asante Yeboah believes the rippling effect of this will compel some Ghanaians to steal or engage in illegal business in an attempt to survive. Speaking on the issue on Okay FM, Asante Yeboah said despite his support for taxation which is key to development in the country, he believes that President Mahama is killing Ghanaians with too much increases in taxes and tariffs especially when nothing has come out so far with the innumerous taxes he (President Mahama) has collected since last year. �President Mahama is gradually killing Ghanaians with this kind of policies and we are mentioning his name because he is in charge of the affairs of the country�.why are they trying to suffocate Ghanaians with increment in taxes and tariffs which will be transferred to products and services�, he bemoaned. To him, it appears the government is unaware of the rippling effects of the tax and tariff increments on industries and Ghanaians; in that every increment in the cost of production will be slammed onto the ordinary Ghanaian, whose salary is nothing to write home about.