Tilted Killer Trucks

THESE DAYS, tilted trucks or long vehicles have become very popular on the roads. Most often, these trucks are either tilted to the left or right side, causing panic among drivers and pedestrians who happen to be in the way of these long vehicles. The drivers of these vehicles most often seem “oblivious” to the potential death traps that they set on the roads in driving their “heavy killer machines” around. Indeed, the frequent plying of these ‘heavy killers’ on our roads make us wonder if the police is indeed up to the task of ensuring safety on our roads. The same goes for tro-tros as well. Many of them are in deplorable condition – conditions which the authorities have seen – and yet they still continue to move around town as if all is well, without a care about who or what would be affected should their obviously close-to-falling-on-another-vehicle tro-tro gives up. These tro-tros have acquired this “tilt” as a result of overloading of luggage on one side of the vehicle. Due to the unprofessional nature of the tro-tro job, the driver and his mate/conductor do not normally take the pain to spread out the luggage on an even turf, mostly on the roof racks on the top of their vehicles; which is not a surprise as they normally do not care for the safety and well-being of their vehicle…nor their passengers. Even though tilted tro-tros are as equally dangerous as these heavy trucks, there is more emphasis on these tilted long vehicles as the probability to fall in the direction of the tilted angle is extremely high. There was one of such vehicles once plying its way through town, carrying heavy load, which caused a massive panic attack among drivers, as the tilting angle between the ground and the load of the vehicle was quite scary. Even though the road was a dual carriage one, no driver wanted to take the risk and speed past this “heavy killer” for the fear that there could be the casualties or victims should the load of this vehicle “give up” and fall on them. As a result, there was massive traffic on the road. This article serves as a red light to draw attention to the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA), the Ghana Police and other relevant authorities, to check on such vehicles that pose as a serious death threat to innocent drivers and pedestrians.