"I Slept With Over 200 Ladies Including Female Gospel Musician"� Morris Baby Face

The Bible says �If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He (God) is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness� Born again Musician and one time VGMA Best Music Producer, Morris Baby Face now known as Morris D�Voice surprised listeners of Kumasi based HELL0 101.5 FM, after confessing having myriad serious sex with �fine ladies �all over the country. Morris D�Voice who was once a kingpin in Ghana�s secular music said he regrets living a worthless life before accepting Christ as his personal saviour. According to him, having sex was his hobby, revealing that, he explored his erotic skills with over two hundred (200) ladies including some female gospel musicians he worked with as a beat maker. �I can�t recall the number yet but I think it will exceed 200 including some known female gospel musicians� he said. Morris sudden confession raised questions as to whether popular award winning gospel musician, Esther Smith was also one of his numerous �Sex-mate� aside producing her songs but he debunked the rumor saying �I never did anything with Esther Smith or dated her as people are saying. She was older than me and I respect her very well. We lived in the same area (Estate in Kumasi) so we see each other often� Adding that, �I think people started speculating that I had something doing with Esther because everybody knew me to be bad so seeing both of us, they might think she (Esther Smith) was one of my numerous girls friends but let me say it here that Esther and I did nothing apart from being friends and music� Speaking to HELLO FM�s Dave Hammah, Morris D�Voice opined that despite his iniquities, he is thankful to have accepted Christ at a time he nearly lost his life. He noted that, he was prophesied by one Prophet Emmanuel Amoah to save perishing souls who after his friend had invited him to his church. �I prayed to God to let me see signs and wonders to prove that he really sent me to the pastor and what he said was true. In my dream on that very day, I saw Jesus. Surprisingly, my friend who took me to the pastor also came to tell me the same thing. ��It wasn't easy leaving my old life because after fasting from six to six, a lady will call me all in the name of sex. My soul will reject but the body will call for it. I woke up one day and couldn't work, paralyzed for some time before I came to my normal life. I would have been dead if not for God� he said. Watch "Valentine" by Morris Baby Face: Watch gospel tune "Mo Bo Wo Dzin" Bro.Philemon ft. Morris Babyface: