New Act Miz Gold Furious Over Music Promoters

It is the same challenge musicians in the Ghanaian music industry have previously expressed their displeasure over, and is considered by many artistes as cheating, short changing, fraud, and also less measure given for their efforts in the music industry. Ghanaian and Nigerian dancehall artiste, Miz Gold, who loves the music industry to its core, has expressed concern at the poor approach, where promoters and event organizers short change musicians off their hard work towards putting a whole album together. Miz Gold was speaking to the press in Ghana, after her arrival from Paris, where she was on a shopping spree for the seasonal celebration. Miz Gold, since her thrilling album launch �Man Zomi� in Accra Ghana some months ago, has not spoken to the media for a while, due to being busy with her plans to surprise fans with a banging performance in Ghana and Nigeria for seasonal events. According to Miz Gold, the Ghanaian music industry presents hope and growth for the future. If professional players would take musicians for granted by not paying them their worth, then this is bad news for the music industry. �I am making my candid views known, because it not easy to produce an album and videos for music promoters to take your hard work for granted. My music and video is only played on the radio and TV whilst I am in the country, which is wrong. It should be played even whilst I am outside the country to allow fans to get used to my kind of music,� she stressed. The dancehall artiste has joined the trail of musicians such as Asem, Sarkodie, R2Bees, KwawKese and Sata Wale to change the way and manner unprofessional skills are attributed, whilst musicians are to perform during musical shows.