Slaps Galore!!!...Grusah In Altercation With Antrak Staff

Information available to indicates that founder of Kumasi-based King Faisal Football club has been arrested. Alhaji Karim Grunsah was allegedly arrested for slapping a flight attendant working with Antrak Air, a domestic airline. According to Peace FM sources at the Airport Police Station where the incident was reported, Grunsah claims he was rather physically man-handled by an Antrak Air flight attendant. The King Faisal Football CEO claims he was slapped after refusing to switch off his phone before boarding the flight. Even though Alhaji Grunsah disobeyed the order and boarded the aircraft, he was forced out and out of anger, allegedly slapped the attendant whose name is being withheld. The King Faisal Football club CEO was immediately arrested and detained at the Airport Police Station.