Erratic Power Cuts Leave Residents Of Kwabenya In Total Darkness

Lots of Ghanaians are cavorting and enjoying the breeze of the yuletide; it's obvious no one would expect another complaint to be fired at the government or State authorities. But when the authorities decide to ‘take advantage of the season’ at hand, then it leaves the people with no option than to seek answers from them. Residents of some parts of Kwabenya, a suburb of Accra, may have to either call for another festive season to come or rather live in total darkness till the New Year dawns on them. The residents complain they have experienced total blackouts for the past twenty-four days. All of these days, they have had to bitterly take comfort in the darkness as the authorities sit unconcerned. Narrating the incident to, a resident said since the past twenty-four days, they have been consulting with the authorities of the Electricity Company of Ghana at the vicinity but their pleas seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The residents noted that the authorities have been reluctant to find lasting solutions to the abject power cuts. The intermittent power cuts have affected their equipment, foodstuffs and other vital things; hence making it difficult for them to live in the area. They are therefore appealing to the authorities to heed their pleas to bring their lights back on.