XCLUSIV FOTOS: Female Celebrities' Make-up At Ghana Movie Awards 2013

Ghana Movie Awards 2013 came off on December 30, 2013 with all its disorganized nature, various discrepancies and countless unanswered questions, yet the event was able to bring the entire Ghallywood under one roof to celebrate their achievements within the year. As always, the only existing movie awards scheme in Ghana currently, attracted several celebrities especially movies stars looking stunning in their tuxedos and evening wears to show off on the red carpet which never was, due to a heavy downpour. One observation Peacefmonline.com made on the glamorous night was the kind of make-up our female celebrities wore. In spite of their beautiful faces which off course looks more attractive with a little enhancement, our ladies looked as though they were competing with multicolored lipsticks, eye shadows and eye liners. Even though some had their make-up on point, most of the female celebrities who graced the red carpet had way too much make-up on their faces to the extent that, what was supposed to enhance their beauty rather made some of them looked horrible and scary. Check out your favourite female celebrities and their make-up at the just ended 2013 Ghana Movie Awards.