God Is Never Homophobic - Mr Tutu

ĎI would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven... No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to hell... I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.í Archbishop Desmond Tutu If the revered parson thinks that Godís hatred for homosexuality is tantamount to homophobia, then, he must mend his tattered theology. It is one thing hating someone and another thing hating what the person does. By virtue of his utterance, it will be proper for Mr Tutu not to merge his spiritual office with that of his blasphemous social opinions. In other words, salt water and fresh water cannot gush from the same source. He either drops one or defends the other vehemently as the Bible clearly says no man can serve two masters. From my roof top, it is evident that he prefers side stepping the truth inherent in Godís word to defending and aiding gays and lesbians who are with distorted desires. For him to have launched a gay political party raises questions about his commitment to the God he claims to serve. (See Desmond Tutu Launches Gay Political Party-www.thezimbabwemail.com) No genuine Christian and for that matter servant of God who knows and practises the tenets of the Holy Bible will engender homosexuality and crown this absurdity with a political party. If he has any modicum of respect for God and prides himself a faithful disciple of Jesus, then his actions will result in the transformation of these wayward lovers of the inordinate. This is because the Jesus that I know never condemned sinners but he equally exposed their evils, urged them to repent and eventually told them to go and sin no more. The encounter between Jesus and the woman caught in adultery and the Pharisees in John 8:1-11 is classical testimony. Now, what we have here is an Archbishop of the Anglican Church who through his actions is telling the whole world it is no sin but normal for a man to crave for his fellow man and not the opposite sex. This is simply a cancerous falsehood which is at variance with Christianity. In fact, a follower of Jesus does not act contrary to what Jesus prescribes. In that case whose interest is Mr Tutu serving? I would have taken it from a different perspective if he were a non Christian. Even I marvel if he is a Christian. I would not, therefore, shudder to posit that Mr Tutu has become an ingrate traitor to the kingdom of God. His rise to the pinnacle of his spotlight was not on any social or political platform. It was rather his service to God and the good of humanity that have magnified his status. So why should he turn around and suggest God is homophobic because the latter, for now, clearly abhors homosexuality and not homosexuals? It is only a matter of time for the creator to exhibit his fiery fury against the two. I am still baffled or trying to come to terms with why a man will long to have unnatural carnal knowledge of his fellow man or a woman shamelessly craving for her fellow woman. And what irritates me most is the situation where these homosexuals go to great lengths to adopt children who are products of sexual acts between a man and a woman. Is it not ironical? Who should give birth for them to adopt when they are capable of doing so? Well, I have come to the realisation that the reversal of the norm is most often a deadly pursuit. This ungodly phenomenon is just a fraction of the absurdities this generation will have to grapple with. And this anomaly is gaining grounds because some servants of God or men of good reason have kept quite or sold their Christ-like mind or untainted conscience for vain glory. Pope Francisís stance on LGBTs and sin is another matter for digestion. Frankly, Mr Tutu should have started off early in life as a gay activist and conducted himself in this manner. But for him to don the robes of priesthood, assume the spiritual leadership of the body of Christ and contradict the express commands of his master really paint him as having fallen short of the glory of God. Sadly, he prefers to defend what dogs would not do to going to a homophobic heaven which is presided over by a homophobic God. At the moment, we cannot wish homosexuals and homosexuality away. It pre-dates our generation. However, what we can do, as men of godly character have done over the years, is to speak the truth and condemn the abnormality it exudes. The lynching, harassment and stigmatisation of homosexuals will not stop these morally weak and spiritually dead individuals from committing this despicable act. They need our prayers for their repentance, our love to accommodate them not their dastardly act, and our strong resistance and condemnation of what they think is appropriate. And these are the very sound spiritual steps Mr Tutu has failed to accomplish in his ecclesiastical order. I pray he and lost souls do not suffer the fate of those mentioned in 1st Corinthians 6:9-10.