The Lord’s Visitation @ Hand

Behold the Lord Jehovah God’s Visitation is at hand. Yes, people of Ghana the Lord’s visitation is at hand. Thus says the Lord, “Go and Tell Pharaoh that he should let my people Go. That my people are in captivity, captivity because of the wickedness of the wicked. I will come upon Pharaoh and he will fall into a very deep sleep. My fury will come upon him and he will not speak anymore. He has taken his own way and has led My People astray. My wrath will come upon him and his hosts. I will judge the soothsayers and counselors around him because they have taken a decision TO LET MY, PEOPLE SUFFER. They have agreed together with foreigners to sell the property of this nation. But I the Lord God Jehovah will stop them. I was there in their meeting when they took decision to sell the property of the nation. Yes, I will expose their evil doings and their secret things. Their secret things that they do in darkness, in their closets, even in their chambers concerning this nation. I will expose them very soon.” Blessed be God Father of Jesus Christ, Besides Him there is none. “My hands are surely outstretched over My nation Beulah. I behold all the evil doings of men, yes all things lay bare before My eyes. The final judgement is at hand. When the wind blows over the land bringing shaking and thundering and lightening, yes then ye shall know that truly the hour of the Lord is at hand. For surely and surely the wicked that ye see today tomorrow ye shall see them no more.” “Look on the horizon, people of God, I say look on the horizon and ye shall behold that surely and surely the hand of the Lord is lifted up. I am the Lord.” People of Ghana, thus says the Lord, Let us continue to believe in our God, doubt not, fear not, and call upon Him. Let us come together Trust and Call Upon His Name. The hour of visitation is at hand. He will surely lift His hand of salvation, redemption and judgement. Let us continue in the love. Trust and Hope in our God as nation and people. Our God Reigns Hallelujah! Amen. May the love, trust and hope in God continue to abide with us under the mercy and goodness of God. May the Blessed Hands of the Most High God, Father of Jesus Christ bring peace, joy and hope to rest and comfortably abide with Ghana now and forever. Happy and Blessed times in the coming Year of challenges and glory mixed. Blessed are all who put their trust in Jehovah God and not graven images, dead ancestors and powers of darkness.