“There Is No Need To Panic. I Don’t Foresee Any Load-shedding"

The Volta River Authority (VRA) has refuted claims that the country will soon be plunged into darkness due to low water level in the Akosombo Dam. Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the VRA, Mr. Samuel Fletcher was alleged to have indicated on a sister radio station that due to the level of water in the dam, the country will have to go through load management. But speaking in an interview on ‘Kokrokoo’ he said the water level is not low; “it is just not rising as it should and that is different from low water level” “There is no need to panic. I don’t foresee any load shedding; we just need to plan for the future. We are not saying there is a low water level but it is not rising the way it should and that should be noted… …this year we are hoping and praying that there will be more rain; better than 2013; if not in 2015, the dam cannot perform the way it should. When that happens, we have to look for alternative measures which will not be load shedding…right now there is no cause for alarm” he assured. Buttressing his point, Mr. Fletcher said currently the maximum operating level (January 2014) is 256.32 and comparing it to January 28th 2013; which was 266.16; “we are within the range. It is quite a substantial level which will not call for a load management; we are just looking into the future, hoping for more rains,” he added.