United Cadres’ Front urges TUC to be circumspect

The United Cadres Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged the Trades Union Congress (TUC) leadership to be circumspect in dealing with issues bordering on the livelihoods of citizens. The UCF said it had noticed with concern the uncompromising stance of the TUC on national matters, and particularly the manner in which Mr Kofi Asamoah, Secretary-General of the TUC, often conveyed the Union’s opinion to the good people of Ghana when contributing to issues on the economy. A statement signed by Mr Efanam Felix Nyaku, General Secretary of UCF, said there was no doubt that President Mahama had admitted to the challenges facing the economy. It said there is also no doubt that the Bank of Ghana had started putting necessary measures in place to fix the loopholes especially to stabilize the national currency, including the Minister of Finance meeting the media to explain issues. The statement said to strongly call on the National Tripartite Committee to meet immediately to consider readjusting upwards the Daily Minimum Wage since workers could not contain the current state of price increases fell short of pronouncing imminent general strike. It said: “The TUC and its Secretary-General are aware that over 70 per cent of national revenue goes into paying salaries to 100,000 out of 24 million Ghanaians. “In a state of emergency where everything is being done to stabilize the situation, it would be highly unjustifiable by a group taking a chunk of the national purse to fail to consider the fact that all of us - employed and unemployed - go to the same market. “If the greater majority of the people of Ghana are finding ways and means of helping the economy to stabilize and grow, the UCF of the NDC would want the TUC leadership to justify the value of the single spine salary regime in operation.” The statement said the TUC leadership should also help find pragmatic ways and means of helping to stem corruption - whether perceived or real- with the view to making Ghana a better place to live. “The UCF would want to state that TUC has every right to fight for the good of its workers. The caution is however that, that that must be done with due consideration of the general good of the entire population of Ghana; devoid of threats and insinuations that go to threaten national security and stability,” it said.