NDC Callers Strike…Threaten Massive Demo

A group of serial callers of the ruling National Democratic Congress who described themselves as “Concerned NDC Serial Callers” in the Greater Accra region have gone on strike to press home their demand for better condition. In a peaceful match to the Mamobi office of The Al-Hajj, members of the group led by one Comrade Boutrous, Atakplai and Modekai, noted that several reasons have necessitated their action, which must be addressed urgently for the ruling party to continue flourishing as a party in government. Some of the reasons given by the serial callers include selective financial support, lack of recognition by some of the party leadership and officials at the Presidency, absence of protocol for members of the group, lack of logistics for their work and no protection for members who due to the nature of their job often come under attack. “We are on strike; we are no longer going to call into any radio or TV program unless our demands are met. We have been living with this harsh treatment for some time, but now we will not sit down aloof,” Lagbadza, a member of the group noted. Clad in red apparels with red arm and head bands to match and chanting sorrowful songs to signify neglect and despondency, the NDC serial callers said they have given President Mahama a 14 days ultimatum to intervene, failure of which they will stage a massive nationwide demonstration on February 28. Some of the inscriptions read “Foot Soldiers: Ministers must be careful”, “Discrimination among callers”, “Ebi Ameen Esere, Ebisu di awuwa”, “Pay all of us not a selected few”, “Didija eni muna ne nam”, “we have to be respected” among others.” The serial callers indicated that they have suffered a lot from numerous failed promises by some leaders of the NDC, who have been deceiving them to propagate the party’s programs and policies for their own benefit. In an interview with The Al-Hajj, a leader of group, Comrade Boutrous stated “we all worked and toiled for the party to come to power, so we don’t know why some will be taken care of whiles some of us have been neglected. We strongly kick against this ‘edidija’ syndrome in the NDC; we want those in charge to pay all of us.” Comrade Boutrous alleged that persons at the Presidency who have been tasked to take care of serial callers have selectively given seized cars to some of the callers and have being giving them monies and other goodies whiles they have been sidelined though “we all do the same job for the party”. He said members of the group are waiting for President Mahama to intervene within 14 days, failure of which he said “we will embark on a massive demonstration on February 28. There are some of our colleagues in other regions who have complained of same treatment and on the February 28, they will all join us for the demonstration. He added that “We can’t continue to live in the “Monkey dey work Baboon dey chop situation. On February 28, we will put out names of serial callers who have benefited from the booty we are talking of and Ghanaians will be shocked…if the President is not aware, we are using this medium to get to him.” “I will not call what we are doing today a demonstration, it is just a peaceful walk to tell the various media houses our sad story and inform them of our intended demonstration if nothing is done about our plight,” Comrade Boutrous noted. Some notably names of the “Concerned NDC Serial Callers” include Abass-Ashiaman, Rose-Lebanon, Atakplai-Akweteman, Boutrous-Tema, Joe-Ashiaman, Lagbadza-Accra, Mr Quartey- Sowutuom, Collins-Lapaz, Gadafi-Lapaz, John-Ashaiman, Modekai-Atomic, Timothy -Tema , Samuel Sellas Savi-Nsawam, among others.