Mabel Okyere Enters Gospel Terrain In Style

For a debutante in the gospel music scene, one might say that Mabel Okyere is a very confident musician. She describes herself as one of the best insofar as up and coming musicians are concerned. And why not? Since she released her debut album in March last year, her songs have been receiving modest airplay. In addition, she has also had opportunity to perform on some television musical shows, and that for Mabel, is a step in the right direction considering that there are so many gospel musicians struggling to get into the limelight. �I am happy with the progress made and I give thanks to God because He deserves all the praise and glory�. These were the words of the bubbly young lady when Showbiz met her last Tuesday. The title of the 12-track album is Biribi Hia Me and has songs with titles like Meto Ayeyi Dwom, Onyame Beye, Onyame Were Mfiri Wo and Osuu Yi Nsesa Hwee. Other songs on the album are Masebi, Mefam Ne Ho, Osuu To Obiara as well as worship songs like Masebi, Ayeyi Dwom, Biribi and Dea Yesu Aye. Her personal favourites are the second song, Meto Ayeyi Dwom and the fifth Osuu Yi Nsesa Hwee. In Meto Ayeyi Dwom, she talks about praising God because of all the wonderful things He has done. She goes on to say that God has taken her out of all her troubles so there is no more sorrow, no more pain, only songs of thanksgiving. Osuu Yi Nsesa Hwee urges all to pray rather than cry in times of pain as tears won�t take anyone anywhere. Apart from the worship songs, all the other songs sound quite funky and danceable making them a delight to listen to. According to Mabel, she did not feature any known artiste on her debut but was likely to consider that with subsequent albums. If you wonder what she does apart from music, she had this to say; �For now, I am doing music full time but I am sure sometime in the near future, I may venture into some kind of business alongside my music career. �I may be smallish in size but you should see me on stage, you will certainly be blown away�, she said with an infectious laughter. Mabel Okyere is single and hails from Mampong Nsuta. She was born and bred in Kumasi and is the first of three children � she has a brother and a sister. Mabel is an old girl of Agona SDA, popularly known as AGASS in Kumasi. �I am bringing you something spectacular and different, God will do great things through me in peoples lives and so everyone should get a copy of my album and God will work miracles in their lives,� she added.