GHA Workers Not Paid Since 2012

Hired private workers of the Ghana Highways Authority have appealed to the Minister of Road and Highways to assist them to get their pay for the routine maintenance work they did since 2012 and 2013 without further delay. The concerned workers made up of those who cut grass, clean and indulge in routine maintenance works told the Ghana News Agency, after a meeting in Accra, that they were made to understand that revenue from the tolls on the highways would be used to pay them. They wondered why after their routine maintenance of the roads, they had not received any payment since 2012 and 2013? They reminded the authorities of the Ghana Highways Authority that grass cutting and desilting forms vital components of road maintenance, which must be treated with the seriousness it deserved. “The rampant accident on our roads was a worry to many Ghanaians”, they claimed. They urged the Ghana Highways Authority not to toil with matters concerning road maintenance. They maintained that because they have not been paid for work done since 2012, the sides of the road had overgrown with bush