Money Doubler Grabbed

RICHARD KAFFUI Buabaassah, alias Gbanigba, a self-styled spiritualist, has been arrested by the Emef Mataheko police in Accra for defrauding a man in the sum of GH˘1,000 under the pretext of conjuring an amount of GH˘10,000 for him. The culprit, a 35-year-old security man attached to the Dawhenya branch of the Scorpion Security Unit, was apprehended at Gbetsile in the Kpone-Katamonso District of the Greater Accra Region. He was apprehended with the jaw of an animal, a bag full of white paper shredded like money, another bag full of sawdust and half cement block, a pot filled with feathers and ashes, among other items. Three victims have so far claimed that Kafui had swindled them, DAILY GUIDE gathered. Superintendent Kwesi Ofori, the Dodowa District Police Commander, said the ‘spiritualist’ somewhere last year, visited the home of a certain Akwetey Amoankwa and made him to believe that he could conjure cash if the unsuspecting man could pay for the cost of the items to be used to perform the rituals. According to him, the victim, a driver, had an amount of GH˘1,000, meant to purchase an engine for his broken-down taxi cab; but he decided to give Richard the money to buy the items needed to make him conjure GH˘10,000 for him (driver). Richard, according to Superintendent Kwesi Ofori, after receiving the money, told the victim to always wake up at midnight and wait in his bedroom for a bag full of money would appear in his wardrobe; but this never happened. According to him, the ‘spiritualist’ went into hiding until he was arrested.