Randy Abbey Will Run Back To NPP If NDC Loses Power ooo! Ayoo!

Those people, who did not fight in the trenches when the NDC was in opposition should be wary of Randy Abbeyooo! When people hate you when you are poor; but tend to love you when you are rich; they are only �fair weather friends� ooo! Randy Abbey, has never loved the NDC and will NEVER love the NDC. Randy is a product of the Coffee Shop Mafia, the NPP; and the Kufuor Administration. The NDC operatives, who are kissing Randy�s ass because of �Noko fio�, should know that he will run back to his Mother Party; NPP; when the tables turn. NDC foot soldiers are getting sick and tired of the influence of Randy in the presence NDC Administration, it is not for nothing that the Honourable Alban Bagbin, went wild over the presence of Randy Abbey at the home of President Mahama. The Informer is not going to say much today about Randy Abbey�s unacceptable presence in the current NDC Administration and how nauseating it has become. Mr. President; we know Randy is your close pal, but for the sake of NDC�s survival, keep him away from your Administration. The Informer will not say much today: we have rolled out the sentiments of the NDC Party, and we hope the Presidency listens. Randy Abbey�s presence in the affairs of the NDC Administration is losing the Party votes ooo! If the current crop of handlers of the Presidency, dare take the Party into opposition; they should know that they will have to answer for it, since the Party foot soldiers will not forgive them. The Informer is not issuing any threats; we are just stating the facts. People are very angry with the NDC Administration and we cannot bury this truism. God bless our Honoured Ghana and make us grater and stronger. We ask; is the Better Ghana Agenda that brought the NDC to power still on? Hmmmmmmmmmm!