Kojo Antwi Is Angry!!!

The Ghanaian music industry has so many nagging and thorny issues, and such issues get to a point which compels any naturally sober and temperate person with so many stakes in the industry to speak out – and they speak out because the issues are becoming burdensome and worrisome. Celebrated African musician, Kojo Antwi, has expressed his anger over happenings at the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) to the extent that, he feels very much ashamed in addressing issues concerning the Organization. The ace musician disclosed to Razz Newspaper that there is a Board operating within the Interim Board, where some three or four members have assigned to themselves special powers which permits them to do anything they want with the Organization. A very livid Kojo Antwi also stated that, these members are the only persons on the Board who are signatories to all GHAMRO cheques and they have also opened different bank accounts without the knowledge of other members of the Board and the entire GHAMRO membership. On why he has not resigned from the Board considering all these murky happenings, ‘Mr. Music Man’ responded that, he is still on the Board because he has the conviction that it is better to fight when within than without. His continuous stay on the Board will also help correct some of the many misdeeds going with the Collective Society and it was one of the reasons why he tried persuading the likes of Charles Amoah and Rex Omar from resigning from the Interim Board. He went on further to explain that, the Chairman of the Interim Board, Mr. Carlos Sakyi has been a huge disappointment because; many industry persons had so much belief in his capabilities before he assumed the role; but since assumption of the Chairmanship slot, he has disappointed woefully. In an exclusive disclosure, Kojo Antwi expressed to the paper his interest in contesting for the Chairmanship position for GHAMRO whenever a time table is released for elections. Although, no time has been fixed for the election, the ‘Maestro’ stated that he has already introducing himself to the electorate about his readiness to contest. Razz Newspaper prodded the multiple award-winning singer about his decision to enter into industry politics now; a move that seems contrary to his demeanour of always being in the background. He retorted that, it was time people with his kind of posture come out to speak about the wrongs in the industry. He explained that Collective Society goes beyond just the sharing of blank levy money. “Anybody can run GHAMRO if the only work they have to do is share blank levy money, which is revenue given to the Society by Government of Ghana,” he said. Still stressing on some of the wrongdoings at GHAMRO, he suggested that, Dr. Afari Gyan, who is head of the Electoral Commission, cannot preside over the election process and still contest for the Presidential slot for Ghana. According to him, the moment Dr. Gyan entertains the thought of contesting to be President of Ghana; he must resign his position as Head of the Electoral Commission. Kojo Antwi made such startling comparison because, according to him; the Chairman, Mr. Carlos Sakyi has shown by all indications that he will contest for the Chairmanship position but at the same time – he is going round registering people for the much-clamoured-for elections.