Movie Producer Dumped Me � Actress Cry Out

Ghanaian actress Ebi Ebright has alleged that Ghanaian producer of Nigerian descent, Michael Odikah, otherwise called Osy of Marhil Productions, has �duped� her. Osy has, however, denied the claim. According to the beautiful actress, she was no longer inspired to stay in the industry because aside Osy, several others have not treated her fairly. Speaking in an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE on Wednesday, Ebi said people in the industry owed her to over a tune of GH�17,000, excluding monies she was supposed to be paid for her acting job. She said she was outraged by Michael Odikah in particular because she felt insulted by his attitude. She alleged that he borrowed GH�1,000 from her under the pretext of clearing his goods at the port in 2010. Michael promised to return the money in a week but he has since not paid her and has also stopped answering her calls. �I am forced to say the movie industry is full of dishonest people who don�t have integrity. How can you inspire investor confidence when you keep cheating people? I want people to know how dangerous this industry is. All of them, including actors and producers are part of it. They use their sweet stories to swindle people. They don�t have honour.� �I did �Bed of Roses� movie for free for Michael Odikah. Later he called me that his goods were at the port and needed GH�1,000 for clearing it in 2010. I wasn�t having money on me, but I tried and took all I have left at the bank to him. He said he was going to pay back in a week but up to date, he never did. �He won�t even pick my calls. There is nothing I have not done to collect the money. I spoke with his brother of Gupado Film twice but he also didn�t get back to me after he promised to talk to him. This is what is happening in the industry. How can you inspire people to come into the industry to do genuine business?� Ebi Bright said. When News One contacted Michael yesterday he denied owing Ebi. He explained: �I don�t want to go into all those whatever. I don�t have any business with Ebi and I don�t have any problem with Ebi. If she is having a problem with any producer, I don�t know about it. But I don�t have problem with her. I have not taken any money from her, please. I don�t want anybody to tag me. I have been here for a long time and nobody in the movie industry will say I owe him or her or whatever. I shoot movies and pay people, so I don�t like that.�