No Insurance For Ghanaian Actors

If the issue of insurance for Ghanaian actors is not discussed and actions taken, we shall one day wake up to our shock and fears � we have a lesson to learn from a recent case in Nollywood. A Nigerian actor by name, Emma Ehumadu, recently hit his head to the door of a bus and had his skull opened whilst shooting an action movie scene. Below was the fate of the poor actor known for gangsterism and bad boy roles in Nollywood (unedited): �Nollywood actor, Emma Ehumadu, was involved in a ghastly accident while filming a robbery scene with Jim Iyke and other actors at a movie location in Asaba, Delta State on Wednesday March 12th. Jim was driving the vehicle during a 'high speed chase' while Emma was shooting a gun from a half open door from the vehicle. Unfortunately there was an issue with the brake and the vehicle hit a location bus. Emma hit his head on the door of a bus and his skull opened. He was rushed to the hospital where he's responding to treatment.� (Source: LindaIkeji) The latest information on the said actor has it that he has been flown to Dubai to undergo neurosurgical operation to patch up his scattered skull together. Fellow Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker, could not starve off his tears and grief as he took to social media � Facebook to share his solidarity (unedited): �**TEARS IN MY EYES***. So Sad! Actor Emma Ehumadu {popularly known as ?#?LABISTA?}to Undergo Neurological Surgery in Dubai, Begs For Assistance! He had an accident while driving on set acting an action film. May God be with him & make the operation a successful one (AMEN). PLEASE TYPE AMEN NOW BECAUSE HE NEEDS OUR PRAYERS.� I can't stop sobbing as I pen down this story, because, it could have happened to any of our Ghanaian movie stars! The plight of the Ghanaian actor (or workers general in Ghana) is one of a sad tale to tell. The lives of our actors are at stake. Let's open the discussion once again, for the way forward.