Meet China's Most Expensive Car (PHOTOS)

This is the Hongqi L5 limousine. It's a very big, very powerful and very important car for very important people, and the very first production model has just been sold for 5m yuan (about $800,000). It weighs 6,950lbs. It is 18ft long, 6.5ft wide and 5ft tall. It sports a 6-litre V12 producing 402hp and 405lb-ft of torque, channeled through a six-speed automatic gearbox. It has four-wheel-drive. There is much leather and wood inside, coupled to a nod to the digital age. Sure, it looks weirdly cool, but we don't have to tell you exactly what $800,000 can buy. Well, we will a bit. It will buy you a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and a 5-litre supercharged Range Rover, with around $150k left over to play with in the classifieds.