American Tourist jailed over wraps of 'Wee'

A 35-year-old American Tourist who was apprehended with two wraps of Cannabis Sativa (Wee) was on Monday sentenced to seven days imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court. Brain McClure was also ordered by the court to pay a fine of GH ₵1,200.00. This was after he had pleaded guilty for using narcotic drugs without lawful authority. When McClure was asked by the court whether he had something to say before sentence was handed down, he said “My Lord I am sorry.” The court, presided over by Mr Kofi Seshi, said it took into consideration McClure’s plea, and the fact that he was a first offender and appeared remorseful for his conduct. The court ordered for the destruction of the drugs in the presence of the court’s registrar, police investigator and officials of the court. Prosecuting Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Aidan Dery said the complainant in the matter was a police officer. DSP Dery said on April 15, while returning from duty, the complainant had information that McClure was drinking herbs from a bottle laced with narcotic drugs. Prosecution said the complainant arrested McClure together with the exhibits and sent him to the James Town Police Station. When a further search was conducted on him, two wrappers of dried leaves suspected to be wee, a rubber pipe, GH ₵ 55.00 and 2, 718 dollars was found on him. During police interrogation McClure said he found the stuff on the ground whilst he was strolling at James Town. Police investigations indicated that McClure arrived in Ghana on April 9, and was expected to leave in 40 days.