�No, We�re Just Friends� - Eazzy Denies Keitta Re-Union

Last year, when Big Brother lovebirds, Eazzy and Keitta, broke up their relationship, the pair ended all their links with each other including on social networks, twitter and facebook. The rather �unfriendly ice� seems to have thawed since a few days ago and the pair are back on speaking terms. This came to light last Saturday when Keitta commented on Eazzy�s red dress that she wore during the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards last week Saturday. He wrote on twitter, �In that red dress, hot!� and Eazzy replied �Thanx hun�. The compliments from Keitta and Eazzy�s reply sent many of their fans on the social media to ask if the ex-couple were back into each others arms. But in an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday, Eazzy denied a reunion and said that Keitta�s remark was only a compliment from a friend which had been misinterpreted by the public. � I admit that when we broke up last year, we were not chatting with each other on social media but that is in the past now. Keitta and I are very cool now and we don�t have any bad blood between us. We have both moved on as mature people. Why there is so much fuss about Keitta�s compliment, I dont understand�. The Wengeze singer said that she had been amazed about the large volume of messages on them in the social media space since that Saturday. With regards to how she felt about the comments passed by Keitta, she said �I didn�t feel anything special about the comments. It was just normal and no emotions attached�. When asked if there was any chance of them coming back together as a couple, Eazzy told Showbiz that she wouldn�t want to make any comment that might be misinterpreted by people. �I can�t talk about the future but Keitta is a nice person and at this time, I can only wish him well. Personally, I don�t harbour any bad feelings against him and I know the feeling is mutual as well� she said. Even though she earned a lot of praises following her sterling performance as co-host of the VGMA last year, Eazzy has rather come under some criticisms this year, particularly with her choice of makeup, a �mistake� she called it. She dropped a hint that soon she will come up with her own lipstick line of products. Eazzy is a musician but recently, she gave movies a shot when she acted in Yvonne Nelson�s Single and Married Complicated which is yet to be premiered. Currently, she is shooting the video of her new single, Back to the Bone and she is also promoting her new single, Emergency, released last month.