Hiplife Sensation Nira Releases 'Look At Me' Ft. Yaa Pono

Ghanaian-Dutch singer Nira is known for her powerful voice and catchy songs about life and love; with lyrics a lot of people can relate to. Over the past years, she has been releasing songs such as �Take it off� and �I love you�. Nira is working intensively with Friction, founder and former frontman of Ghana�s VIP. As Friction�s backing vocal, they recently did a show as the support act of Morgan Heritage, and more live shows are coming up. At the moment Nira is already working on her next video and recording new songs. Obviously, there is much more to expect from this talented artist. In an interview with her she said she is an all-round musician but because of her powerful voice most of her music have soul/ jazzy touch but her music is mostly r & b, soul, afro pop and a little bit of reggae vibes. She said, "I have been singing since I was a little girl but now taking it professional, I started as a lead singer of a salsa band when I was about 8 years old and used to perform a lot with them, because of school music took a back seat in my life but now am more than ready to show the world what am capable of doing especially Ghana and Holland. I am not mainstream and I got my own style. Most of my songs are based on everyday things that happens to most people and also a lot of people can relate to my music. She writes all her songs myself and still open to work with other artist. her new single �Look at me� features Rapper Yaa Pono. Enjoy her new single �Look at me� first!