XCLUSIV FOTOS: Sarkodie Weeps At 'Ghana meets Naija' 2014

Rapper Sarkodie �Obidiponbidi� is indeed at the peak of his career both as a recording artiste and performing artiste and this was evident at the just ended fourth edition �Ghana meets Naija� concert. The �Illuminati� Rapper, who put up the best act on the night, left the patrons screaming for more way after he had left the stage after treating them to a thrilling 30-minutes performance but what would probably leave a lasting memories as far as his performance is concerned was a female fan whose love for the star led her to mount the stage uninvited to how much she adored him. This emotional gesture got Sarkodie himself in tears perhaps overwhelmed with the love shown him. This also got almost everyone in the auditorium dancing and singing along with him. At a point, he had to cut the performance and change the trend of songs to more danceable and less emotional tunes. During Sarkodie�s performance, one of such fans, a young lady who could no longer control her emotions jumped out of her seat and run to the stage weeping aloud like a baby and begging Sarkodie to touch him. She put aside all shyness and lay prostrate before Sarkodie�s feet, weeping on his shoes and saying, �Oh Sarkodie please touches me, Sarkodie please, Sarkodie please hold me.� When the lady was raised form the floor, she knelt before the musician and cried uncontrollably until Sarkodie stopped singing and asked the DJ to pause the instrumentals to which he was performing. Sarkodie was also moved to tears as he helped raised the lady to her feet and give her a hug, �I am sorry, I am sorry�let me do something less emotional,� he stated. The lady could neither stand straight nor walk properly and had to be helped to leave the stage. She kept looking over her shoulder to catch a glimpse at Sarkodie while she continued weeping. The scene further heightened emotions in the room as several of the ladies were seen wiping their tears with their handkerchiefs. Chief Executive of Empire Entertainment, Bola Ray, was also moved during Sarkodie�s performance. He actually rushed to the stage and showered the musician with crisp with currency notes. Davido, Shata Wala, Edem, Castro, Kcee, Wizboy, Guru, Mzvee, AK Songstress, Praye Tiatia, Screwface, Koo Nkatra, actor Lil Win, Shiloo, among others, all put up very impressive performance s that gave guest value for their money. Though the number of people in the auditorium was far more than the number of seats available � leaving hundreds on their feet � the event could not have been organized any better than it was.