Aburi Gardens Destruction Is An Issue Of Interest- Aburihene

THE ABURIHENE, Otoobour Djan Kwasi II has stated that ever since the dispute on the Aburi Gardens erupted, it has been an issue of interest and great concern to them. The Aburihene said, if the Gardens is given to the district assembly, there would be development in the region. He said they have conveyed a meeting made up of opinion leaders and stakeholders to discuss and agree on a location within the Gardens for the construction of district assembly office. Speaking on Rainbow Radio’s Frontline Morning Show yesterday, Djan Kwasi II said the most important thing as far as Aburi Gardens is concerned is how to make development come to the area instead of allowing trees to occupy the space that could bring change. “We had a meeting with the then Local Government Minister to tell him to release two buildings for us to begin with the District Assembly office which they agreed and now, I do not see what is preventing them,” he cried. He said, “People are accusing me of giving the gardens out with no reason. They should stop because I used the right channel and I would not destroy government property with my own will. “The length of the Aburi gardens is 165 acres and just the 35 acres have been developed and is now the gardens everyone knows, the remaining 130 acres have been left unattended to which can be used for something different and as such, we decided to build the assembly there,” he indicated. On his part, the Former Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo said in the process of creating the district, they came together with some stakeholders which included assembly members, traditional authorities and some associations in the area. He further stated that one of the criteria was to locate a place for the assembly which would be used temporary before the assembly gets a new office, adding that there was nothing like a sale of land as speculated by some sections of the public. “Before I was leaving office that was the arrangement for them to use part of the existing structures, but not the land itself, nothing of any sale of land came under my watch,” he bemoaned. Mr. Ampofo described the facility that was meant for the district office as one which needed massive renovation so as to make the place convenient for the people, but stated that the building was in a good condition. He reiterated that the Gardens was in a state of disrepair and as such had to partner with some key stakeholders to rehabilitate the gardens.