Man Jailed For Forcing Boy To Collect Faeces With Bare Hands

The Bibiani Magistrate court has sentenced a heartless fuel station attendant to six months over his cruelty and inhuman treatment of an eight-year-old boy. The convict, Samuel De-graft Amoanu, forced the victim to collect faeces with his bare hands and to use it to wipe the floor while caning him. He was charged with child torture and degrading treatment. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Emmanuel Abokyi told court presided over by Mr Osei Kofi Amoako that this happened in October, last year, at Sefwi-Awaso. Amoanu had found faeces on the floor of his family house and suspecting the young boy of having done that, lured him to the house and subjected him to the heart breaking treatment - unmoved by the boy’s pleading of innocence of what he was being punished for. The prosecution said the victim in tears reported his traumatic ordeal to the parents who informed the police.