“We Are Not Doing Selective Load Shedding”-ECG Ashanti

The Electricity Company of Ghana in the Ashanti Region has dismissed assertions that it is shielding some affluent communities from the effect of the ongoing load shedding exercise. Several residents have complained that some “rich” neighborhoods seem insulated from the erratic power supply as they receive constant power. The “less affluent” communities complain they have to bear the brunt of the purported bias of the ECG. The ECG has had to embark on an intensified load shedding exercise due to what they describe as generation challenges from VRA /GRIDCO. Speaking on ultimate radio, the Ashanti Regional Public Relation Manager of the ECG, Erasmus Baidoo dismissed the assertion that some areas were left out of the load shedding because affluent people resided there. He said the assertion is a false one as there is a network in place that checks load management automatically without human influence. “It is a network arrangement nationwide and anytime there are system disturbances, these automatic frequency load switches take off power. It is not anybody’s intention to punish areas where people living there are not MPs or big men or so on,” he contended. He explained that their system had two batches of transformers which had a way of switching power to stabilize power supply anytime there was a short fall. He indicated it was only unfortunate that the tradeoffs between the transformers always got communities hooked onto the off giving transformers going out of power. He emphasized that as far as he was concerned, that was the most equitable distribution of power the Electricity Corporation could do.