Pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG,) has lashed out at the three power providers in the country attributing their incompetence to companies collapsing. In a statement issued signed by its leadership and issued yesterday, AFAG lamented that “it is unthinkable that the gang of three—ECG, GRIDCo and VRA would subject businesses to an erratic power supply regime.” According to AFAG, many businesses are folding up because of the constant power outages going on. Thus the group charged the three power providers to be sensitive and show respect by informing Ghanaians the true state of affairs. According to the statement, AFAG is worried that the ECG has so far not learnt any lesson from “past incompetency and negligence which has cost businesses and the nation.” “What reasons would the ECG give this time around, AFAG is eager to know. It is time for action and the ECG, PURC and VRA must pay for the consequences of their failures,” the group charged. Against this backdrop, AFAG urged PURC to “show teeth and demand for better services from the ECG”. “The lack of respect for consumers by ECG is worrying to us, after they have severally promised to deliver better services to Ghanaians,” the statement said. AFAG further wondered what could be the justification for ECG to continue charging consumers high energy prices in the wake of the current crisis. Much of the private sector, it said, cannot survive if the ECG does not rise up to its contract with consumers stressing that the “PURC must act now.” AFAG also asked ECG and VRA to seriously consider the implications of their erratic actions on industry, government revenue generation, and productivity. “We call on the PURC to rise up to the ECG and demand for better services. Their incompetency and negligence have gone on for far too long,” AFAG urged. “Fellow Ghanaians do not be deceived by the PURC’s claim that, it is unaware of the problems at hand. AFAG is informed that, the PURC has been briefed on the real issue at hand. The PURC must tell consumers the truth. AFAG needs not remind the PURC, ECG and VRA of the immense social consequences of business closures,” the statement concluded.