No Lesbians Here — Achiase Chief Warns

A 22-year old woman who has formed an association of lesbians and is recruiting young girls into the group has been sanctioned by the Chief of Akyem Achiase, Daasebre Gyenin Kenten II, and his elders. The woman, who gave her name, only as Kesewaa, confessed at the Achiasehene’s palace that she had so far recruited four young girls into the business at Achiase, and she was made to produce the recruits before the chief and his elders last Sunday. Daasebre Kenten told the Mirror that he and his elders were at the palace last Sunday when a spiritualist, Mallam Osman Mohammed Nuredeen, informed them that he had arrested “a trainer of lesbians" and wanted to parade her before them. Mallam Nuredeen then narrated how he managed to arrest Kesewaa. According to the Mallam, he was in his house at Achiase last Sunday morning performing his spiritual business when Kesewaa consulted him for assistance. He said Kesewaa told him that his father had married another woman so he (the father) did not take proper care of her mother and for that matter the Mallam should do something for the father to focus his whole attention on her mother. Mallam Nuredeen said after consulting the oracle, he told Kesewaa that her request was not the motive for her visit, telling her point blank that she had formed a lesbian association in order to destroy the future of its members. He said Kesewaa then confessed to possessing a demon called Black Saint which was given to her by Mami Water to recruit as many girls as possible into lesbianism. Mallam Nuredeen collected a black ring worn by Kesewaa to charm men and women to obey her wishes. Kesewaa also claimed that whenever she touched any girl with the ring she would become a lesbian, adding that she also used it to collect huge sums of money from men to cater for the lesbians. Upon the request of the Achiasehene, Kesewaa went to town to bring four of the recruits who confessed at the palace before their own parents that they were really lesbians under the tutorship of Kesewaa. Mallam Nuredeen then demanded GH˘2,000 cash, four bottles of schnapps, two sheep, half of which is to be used to compensate the Achiasehene and his elders while the rest of the items were to be used to perform rituals to compensate the gods of the town. Mallam Nuredeen warned that if the purification was not performed, the problem would bring a curse to the town, such as sudden death of children. He then gave Kesewaa and the recruits one week to provide the items for the purification, or else the Achiase town would suffer the consequences. The Achiasehene pleaded with Mallam Nuredeen to exorcise the demon from Kesewaa for her to stop her lesbian activities. The 25-year-old Mallam consented to the chief’s request if only he would bear the cost of the items needed to cast out the demon from Kesewaa. The Achiasehene, his elders and the parents of the lesbians would meet on Saturday for the next stage of the purification by which time the items demanded by the Mallam would be presented. Meanwhile, the chief and elders of Achiase are contemplating banishing the five lesbians from the town.