How Can You Campaign With Your Wife, Children And Mother In-law?

NATIONAL YOUTH Organiser of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Abu Ramadan has asked the party’s 2012 presidential candidate, hassan Ayariga to stop courting unnecessary public criticism. Addressing regional executives and delegates of the party in Bolgatanga recently, Mr Ayariga stated that unlike the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which raised funds to support their presidential candidates, the PNC never offer financial support to him. He said apart from using his resources to run for the presidential race, he used his money for the filing of the parliamentary candidates, the payment of polling agents of the party, as well as mounting of about 1,500 billboards. Just after his election, Abu Ramandan noted that “he (Ayariga) set up his own campaign team, went round without informing party leadership and refused to even sit with party’s leadership to discuss the campaign strategy or his plans as candidate.” Campaign Team “Instead of you to go round with the core campaign team, you decide to campaign with your wife and children and your mother in-law,” he said. “Which presidential candidate does that; even in the remotest part of Nairobi or in the remotest part of Africa in Eritrea, a presidential candidate won’t go round campaigning with his wife and children including his in-law?” “Everywhere Ayariga went during the 2012 campaign season, his mother in-law was there, his wife was there, his children were there.” “At that time I was wondering what has happened to the education of those children because of his bid to become president and his desire to take them on a tour of this country,” he noted. Issues He could not fathom why the 2012 presidential candidate of the PNC made such accusations. According to the youth organizer of the party, “He (Ayariga) was not even ready to go round with party executives since the party was ready to work with the flagbearer. “As a flagbearer, you really need your executives around you to traverse the length and breadth of this country to solicit votes, we expect you as the candidate to sit with the party to draw up a programme, to draw a plan and for that matter move ahead,” he emphasized. Strategy The National Youth Organiser PNC noted that “all Ayariga seeks to do, all the love Ayariga purports to have for the party is just because he wants to come back and lead the party in 2016.” Abu Ramadan said, “I really doubt if the membership of this party will give him a second opportunity, we are not interested in a candidate who is coming in to enrich himself, a candidate who is coming in to make all the money for himself.” He said the PNC needs a candidate, who is interested in building the party. Ramadan wondered why Ayariga expected the support of the leadership of the party after he kicked against ‘free education, which the PNC wanted to implement when voted into power. “As youth organiser of the party I have declared my support for another candidate because Ayariga had thrown the principles and values of the party to the dogs.” Counter Claims He denied claims by Mr Ayariga that he used his resources to support the party’s parliamentary candidates, noting that Mr Ayariga used the position to enrich himself. “I shudder to believe what he is saying because I don’t know which of the parliamentary candidates Ayariga lend his support to; I don’t remember ever going round to meet any of the parliamentary candidates and they talked of Ayariga’s contribution,” he said. He noted “we even had a parliamentary candidate who had all his cars broken down during the heat of the campaign who needed a vehicle to run around with. At that time, Ayariga had at his disposal more than six pick-ups and could have given one to the candidate; he refused to give the pick-ups to the candidate to run an election. “For that matter, this argument of his that nobody supported him cannot hold and you will agree with me that the party won’t be willing to invest resources into a campaign that the party is not involved in,” he stated. “We all knew Ayariga before he became the flagbearer of the PNC. Challenge “I wonder what he would have done if he had not won the flagbearership position of the party,” he noted. “After the elections, he should beat his chest and tell us that he did not enrich himself.” He said they were aware of the vehicles and other resources that were given to Mr. Ayariga in terms of support. The youth organizer of the PNC urged Mr Ayariga not should not play with their sensibilities.