Akufo-Addo Won Election 2012 - Alan Kyerematen Declares

Presidential aspirant of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen has stated posterity will show that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the party won the 8-month long Presidential Election Petition, which challenged the results of the election as declared by Dr. Afari Gyan, and should have been declared winners of the 2012 elections. In an exclusive interview with the 'Africa Watch' Magazine, Mr. Alan Kyerematen, in an answer to a question posed by the magazine, explained that it was a good starting point for the party to go to court to challenge the 2012 election results, rather than resorting to other means to register their protest at the results. According to him, “It was a test of our party’s commitment to the core principles of democratic governance, our belief in the rule of law, our belief in the sanctity of the Constitution of Ghana and the basic tenants of our jurisprudence in protecting the rights of individuals, ensuring accountability of the institutions of state, as well as checking the abuse of political power by the government.” "Although the Supreme Court did not rule in our favour, there is absolutely no doubt that we made a strong and compelling case, and I believe that posterity will be the final arbiter of the validity or otherwise of our judicial claims. Indeed, the fact that the Supreme Court was split almost right down the middle in its ruling, clearly attests to the fact that we did not embark on a frivolous and vexatious exercise either on substance of law or evidence. In this regard, the combined efforts of the NPP legal team and the lead witness, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, must be highly commended," Alan Kyeremanten told the Africawatch Magazine. Alan Kyerematen, went on further, to commend Nana Akufo-Addo for accepting the verdict of the Supreme Court Case and not seeking a review of the verdict. “This is a further reflection of the deep and abiding faith that our great party has in defending the principle of due process in the resolution of electoral disputes,” Alan added. Election 2016 Alan, however, believes the NPP must move forward from the court case and undertake a more comprehensive analysis and introspection of other factors that may have “contributed to our defeat.” Among other things, Alan Kyerematen, explained that it important for the party to review its campaign structure and organisation as well as preparations for general elections, and demand accountability for results from leadership of the party and campaign officials. “The propaganda about having lost the 2012 general election because Alan Kyerematen or other specific leading members of the party did not support the campaign, is not only false but vicious and a cover up for those who should be taking responsibility for their acts and omissions in not ensuring victory for the party,” he added. Alan also proposed the development of major internal reforms, including how to mobilize grassroots support for the election campaign, voter registration and ensuring optimal turnout. The selection, preparation and motivation of polling agents for Election Day activities and the dealing, substantively, with party internal conflicts without bias and favour, particularly in the run up to the selection of parliamentary candidates, he said should be a major focus of the party. Mr. Kyerematen also indicated that the party needed “conduct an objective analysis of Ghanaian voter psychology to gain an understanding of why Ghanaians vote the way they do, in the selection of their leaders in presidential elections.”