New Appointments Wouldn’t Fix Economy – MP

A member of the Finance Committee of Parliament and Member of Parliament (MP) for Obuasi West, Kwaku Kwarteng, has opined that fixing the economy needs much more work than the appointment of new people into the Finance Ministry. President John Mahama has appointed Dr. John Kofi Baffoe, an Economist with the African Development Bank as a Technical Advisor to the Minister for Finance. He has also appointed Mrs. Mona Quartey, as a deputy Minister at the Ministry of Finance. But according to the Obuasi West MP, the country does not need changes in the Finance Ministry, but rather, a strong political will by President Mahama in taking some critical decisions related to the economy. “Our economy is going through difficulties right now, and the decisions that are needed to turn round things are political decisions; …but what we have been lacking has been the political courage and commitment to cut the waste and the corruption and to provide a fair environment in which our production base can expand,’’ he said. Mr. Kwarteng noted that the President must rather tackle the most important issues in solving the country’s economic problems. He urged the president to pay attention to the 'political decision' than changing the 'technical people or his lieutenants'. President Mahama in the past week has appointed two people with long years of experience to the ministry of finance to serve as deputy minister and technical adviser.