'NPP Not Ready For Power'

A Member of the National Communication Team of the Progressive People�s Party (PPP), Mr Charles Owusu, has said the internal wranglings in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have shown that the party is not ready to assume power come the 2016 General Election. �If we want an alternative party to govern this country, then it should not be the NPP,� he said, adding that �the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are the same.� He, therefore, called on Ghanaians to reject the NPP and the NDC and rally behind the PPP to win power in the next elections since the party was in a better position and well organised to govern the country effectively. Responsible opposition He told the Daily Graphic that instead of the NPP channelling its energies into highlighting the difficulties and challenges facing Ghanaians under the NDC administration, it had rather resorted to fighting and busily eating up one another.� �I am calling on Ghanaians to reject the NPP come 2016 and vote for the PPP and Papa Kwesi Nduom. The NPP has shown that it is not a united party that is ready to take over the affairs of this country,� he said. Biggest opposition As the biggest opposition party with over a 100 parliamentarians, Mr Owusu says, the NPP is expected by Ghanaians to scrutinise governance but regrettably the NPP is engaged in internal squabbles and fighting�. PPP Looking at the PPP after the 2012 elections, he said the party had been very active �fighting� for the millions of Ghanaians who were going through hardships. Mr Owusu said among other things, the PPP had spoken against corruption and held press conferences on national issues to put the government on its toes, saying, however, that �You do not hear anything from the NPP, which claims it is the biggest opposition party in the country�. The PPP communications member said if the NPP really wanted to come to power, it would have to put its house in order, stay united by organising itself to give Ghanaians hope that it had something better to offer them. �Look at the economic situation we are in now, crisis upon crisis. I mean nothing is working and you do not even know who is in charge,� Mr Owusu stated. Ordinary Ghanaian Mr Owusu said if there was a party which did not talk on behalf of the people, then it was not worth being voted for because it was not helping matters in terms of working to alleviate the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian. Internal democracy Although he partly agreed the NPP problem could be linked to internal democracy which had not been handled well, he said differences in the party needed to be put aside in the interest of the teeming masses who were suffering. �The NPP has not behaved well as an opposition party preparing itself to take power. Comparing them with the PPP, I think the PPP has done very well, so if we want to give power to an alternative party, it should not be the NPP but the PPP because we have demonstrated to Ghanaians that we are committed,� he added. Voters register Commenting on the forthcoming voters registration exercise, Mr Owusu called for an audit of the old register before the commencement of a new registration exercise. According to him, the old register was over-bloated and needed to be replaced. �We want to have peace in this country towards the 2016 elections, so we want an audit of the old register,� he said.