Our Continuous Fights Would Prolong NDC's Stay In Power- Asabee Warns

Following the recent implosion that rocked the New Patriotic Party, a leading member of the party has appealed for the restoration of peace. A flagbearer aspirant, Hon. Asamoah Boateng, made this passionate call after carefully observing the consequence to befall the party should the tensed atmosphere be allowed to lead the way. It would be recalled that had it not been for the timely intervention of Nima Police Unit, lives and properties would have been lost as a result of a fight that broke out at the NPP�s headquarters in Asylum Down. Aside this, many have also questioned the credibility of national executives who have been elected to lead the party. Some are with a preconceived notion that their presence would only favor a particular candidate against others who are vying for the flagbearer post. Below is the release from Hon. Asamoah Boateng PRESS RELEASE I wish to express my worry and deep-seated concern about the growing insecurity and negative developments in our party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Firstly, I condemn the recent development that occurred at the party 's headquarters that showed some people carrying offensive weapons. Everyone involved must be identified, admonished and reminded of our prime objectives as a political party. I am making a passionate appeal to all well-meaning members of the Elephant fraternity to allow the National Executives to run the affairs of the party as they have been mandated by our constitution. I humbly and respectfully urge all party faithful to be decorous in their utterances to foster unity and bring about the much-need peace that the party requires to prosecute a winning electioneering campaign after the selection of our flag bearer. We should not take the collective peaceful disposition of the good people of Ghana for granted in the midst of continuous hardships the Mahama-led government is taking Ghanaians through. We should listen to the cries of the millions of our party faithful, supporters and sympathisers at the grassroots and discontinue the in-fighting on the airwaves and on social media. Ghanaians need our party to remain focused and offer alternative solutions to make things less distressing for them even as we stay outside government. We will not be forgiven if we fail them this time around. I humbly and respectfully call for immediate ceasefire between those whose activities and utterances are derailing the strenuous efforts others are painstakingly making to cool down tempers and resolve whatever differences there are peacefully and harmoniously. In all these, I am hopeful and firm in my belief that the NPP will emerge stronger, more united and more inspiring and ready to win Election 2016. Signed