No CPP Tactics Here �Freddie Blay Warned

The first national vice chairman of the NPP, Mr. Freddie Blay has strengthened his efforts to break the front the NPP just as he tried in his own party, CPP. Mr. Blay gave a very deep colour to his destructive resolve yesterday when he engineered the bloody violence and vandalism by the bodyguards of Akufo Addo, Yaw Osafo Marfo and Dr. Bawumia who were called to join the old guards at the NPP Headquarters, Asylum down. The intelligence gathered so far point Mr. Freddie Blay, Gaby Otchere Darko and Bugri Naabu as the masterminds behind such shameful mischief that has put NPP in such bad light. One of the two main reasons why we witnessed this yesterday is to cover up the recent Bugri Naabu destructive, divisive and dangerous interview on Okay FM. The camp of Akufo Addo has measured and seen the size of damage Burgi Naabu did to their campaign on Okay FM last week. And so they had to manage this evil drama to take over the airwaves, malign Paul Afoko and Kwabene by drawing in the mythical �agenda 2020�. But the nagging question here is that, why must Akufo Addo�s camp seek to control their self-inflicted damage by violence and intimidation that threaten party peace and unity? The second reason is equally bad and sad as Freddie Blay and others put their personal interest ahead and on top of general party interest. Mr. Blay has been promised by Akufo Addo, two positions of his choice, either Speaker of parliament if we win power or NPP National Chairman if he (Freddie Blay) is able to sabotage and destabilize the General Secretary and the National Chairman of NPP. The very start of this inglorious agenda was marked by Freddie Blay�s own newspaper headline: �Afoko floored� at national council meeting. When NPP was in power, Mr. Freddie Blay enjoyed a lot even as a CPP member then, now we have honoured him with a national executive position and one would have expected Mr. Blay to have NPP at heart. But it gets eye saw when you come to think of the fact that Mr. Freddie Blay is exploiting NPP to enrich himself. Now, much unlike ever before, real and twisted happenings at even National council meetings are swiftly leaked out to Freddie Blay�s newspaper to attract larger market for himself. People are just right to point him as the new Judas in NPP top meetings. We are fiercely making this hard point to Freddie Blay, Akufo Addo�s camp and their conspirators that, if they think intimidation, violence, sabotaging of party structures and threatening the lives of National Chairman and the General Secretary of NPP is their way of advancing their personal ambitions, then they surely shall go into the wrong books of bad history. We strongly believe that, NPP now needs a new way beyond the darkness that seem so close around us. Going forward, the genuine pursuit of party peace and unity, fairness and complete adherence to party constitution and democratic values is the healing medicine we need in right doses. God bless NPP, God bless Ghana.