Revealed!!! Why Prez Mahama Moved Yammin

Deep throat sources within the ruling National Democratic Congress, (NDC) have divulged what can be termed as block buster information as to why the President, John Dramani Mahama cannot sack the serial loathe-mouthed Deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Joseph Yammin from this administration. According to our source, the President, since the infamous partisan comments by the embattled Deputy Minster, has been contemplating on relieving the former Ashanti regional NDC firebrand from his position as deputy minister. But our source revealed that the President�s hand is firmly tied behind his back since any attempt to fire the vociferous foul-mouthed Deputy Minister will rock the chances of the President having his preferred candidates winning the upcoming Ashanti regional and constituency elections of the NDC. According to our source within Flagstaff House and the Ashanti regional branch of the NDC, the Deputy Minister has been in charge of the plot hatched to clear from office all the old regional executives. This plot, our sources revealed, has so far been greased by the presidency with Yammin earmarked to spearhead the hate campaign against the old regional executives. The outgoing Deputy Minister, our source noted, has with the blessings from the presidency, handpicked persons who Flagstaff House favours to contest for several positions in the impending election. And fearing the backlash that might ensue after his dismissal from office, the presidency, our source narrated, would want to maintain Joseph Yammin in this NDC administration. The outgoing Deputy Minister of Sports had recently bloated on radio that members of the ruling party, NDC will be the beneficiaries of government sponsored support group to the botched World Cup. This tactless and needless commentary is what has landed the Deputy Minister into trouble as all within the country have expressed strong reservations about the infamous comment. Excluding some sycophantic discordant persons in the NDC, the former Deputy Sports Minister�s serial blunders in communication has been condemned by all level headed persons within the NDC and the general population. Meanwhile, the failure by Joseph Yammin to show remorse over the over-zealous and boisterous comments is what some members of the general public believe caused the ill-feeling towards the Black-Stars campaign in Brazil where the team in controversy laden campaign failed to win a single match. Your authoritative GO will in subsequent editions furnish readers with more expose about the unfolding saga as we bring part two of the issue. Stay tuned!